I’m Bosko, I like to draw stuff. I don’t always have time for doodles and drawings, but now I finally do!

Microcosmos M is a simple story about a girl named M and her life. Since children have specific perception of the world around them, and very often their family is their world, they find them selves in funny situations or discussions. Perhaps many of you will recognize your children or even your own childhood moments in these stories. In 2015. I decided to make this webcomic, instead of writting down various situations with my daughter or things she said/did. Everything in this comic is the real deal, and reflects only the real-life situations and conversations with my daughter. Any similarity to other children/characters of any kind is unintended, but I think M could very well represent any random child in the world.

“Microcosmos M” series has 52 strips in total, and you’ll be able to read them twice a week (on Fridays and Tuesdays). Enjoy!