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Impressum happiness.
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Things about things.

Let’s get this over with.  All of the textual and graphic content of the comics presented on are property of the author Bosko Martinovic, that is, myself. All rights reserved by the author. All of the Microcosmos M comics were sketched in 2015, finalized in 2016 and the concept deposited with the Serbian Authors Agency on September 5, 2016, record number 119/2016. No part of the Microcosmos M 52-episode series may be reproduced, redistributed, sold, copied, used on merchandise, printed or anything, without the written approval of the author. All of the episodes can be freely shared on any social media, provided that they contain the logo, author’s name, author’s embedded initials date of first publishing and copyright information.

Everything in this comic is inspired by and based on actual events within my family, and reflects only the real-life situations and conversations with my daughter until she turned 5. Any similarity to other children/characters of any kind is unintended and accidental. Nothing in this comic is to be taken seriously. Microcosmos M is family friendly. The comic is not instructional or educational in nature, nor is it’s goal to impose values on anyone. Violence level in the comic is mild, and reflects the actual tantrums and specific behaviour of the author’s daughter at a given moment.

If you deem anything on this website to be inapropriate, this comic is probably not your cup of tea and I won’t be offended if you go away.

The font used for Microcosmos M is the free version of the Digital Strip BB Regular by Blambot. Thank you Blambot for supporting independent comic community.